Fun, Engaging, and Immersive

Raft Digital Therapeutics’ platform is designed to make at-home therapeutic exercise fun, engaging, and immersive to improve adherence and quality of life for patients. 

Revolutionizing At-Home Therapeutic Exercise


Interactive gaming that responds to physical movement


Medical professionals can prescribe individualized programs


Patients receive personalized instructions on how to perform the exercises prescribed


The platform encourages and monitors participation


The platform provides a feedback mechanism for individuals to easily track and review their progress with their prescriber

Meeting Patients Where They Are

Medical professionals prescribing a program for their patients can use the Raft platform to build a customized home therapeutic exercise plan.

The prescribing medical professional has access to a library of evidence-based exercises from which they can select the exercises most relevant to the individual’s needs. By enabling multiple types of exercises, we don’t assume a level of motor function. Instead, we meet patients where they are.

Some preselected programs are available to speed up the process for physicians or they may elect to individualize the program to a patient as needed.  

Platform Supported

Once a plan has been prepared by the prescriber, patients will use the platform to access the program developed.

Patients and prescribers can review progress together at follow-up meetings by interacting with the platform. Prescribers can then modify exercises as needed.

If participation is suboptimal, the prescriber can spend time identifying specific barriers to participation and troubleshooting those barriers with the patient. 

Starting with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)

Raft Digital Therapeutics is currently focused on the gamification of therapeutic exercise for pediatric Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). Our technology is uniquely programmed to be based on the user’s mobility and range of motion. We modify the therapeutic exercises to make them valuable for everyone, regardless of their baseline motor function. This allows us to support specific rare diseases like SMA that result in limited motor function. 

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